Data Center

Omnicon designs and builds Telemetry projects, integrating Scheider Electric’s products and AC1049 and SPWeb systems, providing solutions for customer requirements, both for new and for integration of existing plants.


Alert Software

Thanks to the cooperation with Micromedia International, Omnicon can integrate Alert software into new or existing scada systems. Alert monitors and centralizes data and alarms from a variety of automated applications (SCADA systems , PLCs, remote monitoring sites) and runs on Windows. When an alarm condition is detected, Alert automatically informs the relevant staff using all available media (phone, SMS, pager, email, fax) Calls are made according to a schedule associated with each alarm type, guarantying a live call tracking with all necessary escalation procedures

Trio Radio System

Providing secure and reliable wireless communication is a critical challenge for municipal water suppliers, oil & gas producers, electrical utilities and other industries. Monitoring and control infrastructure can be situated in geographically-dispersed locations, comprised of a diverse mix of equipment and system architectures, and subject to stringent environmental and safety regulations. With shrinking budgets and expanding systems, it’s becoming increasingly critical to minimise deployment and operational costs, while maximising system performance and data availability. Trio licensed and license-free data radios offer cost-effective and versatile wireless solutions for Telemetry and Remote SCADA applications.

Radiomodem Weconn

Radiomodem Weconn, with frequecy 169Mhz or 868Mhz are configurable by software, either remotely or locally, on the fly by DTE. They guarantee 4 operating modes that are software programmable: mirror point to point, point to multipoint, broadcasting and digipeater.

Accutech Wireless Instrumentation

Rapid deployment wireless instrumentation solutions for telemetry and remote SCADA. With a wide range of available instruments for temperature, pressure, flow, level, and more, Accutech is suited to many industrial applications, including upstream oil and gas, and remote plant applications in water and wastewater. Accutech field instruments are easy to install being self-contained with power, radio, and sensor. The high-performance license-free radio and long-lasting battery reduce support costs while delivering your valuable data.

ClearScada Management Software

StruxureWare SCADA Expert ClearSCADA is an innovative, flexible and comprehensive SCADA host platform. From a built in historian to alarm redirection, from object-based templates to multi-developer environments, ClearSCADA is designed to control operational costs through quick deployment and reduced down-time.


SCADAPack Smart RTUs offer flexibility through a wide range of features and options, and are easy to network, program and maintain. They also control operating costs by keeping you out of the field with online configuration and editing of logic applications either through a dedicated development environment or through our SCADA Expert ClearSCADA host software. Innovative circuitry and firmware designs result in ultra-high efficiency modes that suit the challenges of solar powered SCADA.

GAS Flow & Pressure

Schneider Electric offer products for pressure and flow measurements, included the revolutionary RealFLO gas computer with integrated PLC, and SOLARPack products.